Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots on this planet. Far to the southwest of Micronesia the Republic of Belau (the traditional name) consists of an archipelago of 343 islands, spread north to south over 100 miles form the atoll of Kayangel to the island of Angaur plus five tiny islands, known as the southwest islands.

Palau's profuse, unspoiled reefs offer a wealth of marine life, coral formations and wrecks. Dives begin in knee deep water and plunge straight down to depths of 1000 feet and more. Blue holes, huge caverns and an immense variety of rare and exotic Welcome to Palau!marine life.

The Palau extension - A 90 minute flight back to Guam and a further 2 hour flight landed us in Palau, home of the amazing and unique "Rock Islands". OurWelcome to Palau! accommodation at the superb "Palau Pacific" resort overlooks these limestone creations and the diving is on their outer edges. The reefs in Palau are a deep endless blue and the strongish currents usually guarantee lots and lots of fish activity from large schools of snapper, rainbow runners, barracuda, giant Maori wrasse turtles and much more. Black, white and grey reef sharks met us on every dive as well as some "cruising" whalers. ( These were not nearly as dangerous as the "shark attack" cocktails served in the bar ). Many of the reef walls in Palau are reached by descending through open caverns and then swimming out on to the wall, these "holes" as they are called are mighty impressive with the sunlight pouring through. The only danger lurks in less than 2m of water off the beach at the resort where little fish with big attitude lie in wait for tourists, the snorkelling is fantastic but not to be carried out in swimmers as these creatures like bare flesh, we have the scars to prove it. The long trek home is the only downside of the trip but armed with some good books good travel companions and a sense of humour ( a pre-requisite on any dive trip ) itís not too bad. Thanks to Dave, Doug, Glen, Jim, Terry and Melodie for making the trip one of our best!