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Become a PADI Advanced Open Water diver

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is a fun introduction to the many specialty areas of diving. There are 3 “core” specialty areas:

Navigation: Dives are safer and more enjoyable when you are able to find your way to and from the dive site. Hence we will learn the essential skill of navigating effectively, both by compass and using natural aids.

Night Diving: The underwater world changes dramatically at night and holds a special fascination for many divers, anyone who has watched the myriads of filter feeders scouring the ocean floor will testify to this. The course aims to teach the different techniques and knowledge required for night diving.

Deep Diving: There is a certain mystery and excitement associated with deeper diving, however diving below 18m safely requires added skills and knowledge. After learning the essentials in the classroom we will put them into practice on a deep boat dive.

In addition there are two specialty dives:

Search & Salvage: If you are a diver, search and recovery is inevitable. The Advanced course teaches the techniques required to recover various objects ranging from precious small items to larger ones such as boat motors. Aside from being useful this module is a lot of fun.

Multi-level Diving: A new era in dive planning that allows us to maximise our time underwater. Here we will learn how to use the PADI Wheel - the first dive table designed for multi-level diving. This new knowledge will be put into practice with a great multi-level dive off one of the five islands off Wollongong.

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is a great way to learn while having lots of fun.