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Buoyancy is the most difficult yet rewarding skill to master. Floating effortlessly in the ocean environment is the essence of diving. Whether observing marine behaviour above a reef or stopping to capture that perfect macro shot, buoyancy is the key to making all your diving experiences safe and successful.

Oceanic has always been in search of materials, designs, and features that will make buoyancy control more natural for the diver. BioFlex bladders, Adjustable Positioning System, Weight Integration and many other patented features make Oceanic stand out as the innovator in buoyancy compensator design.


Your Oceanic BC is a rugged piece of equipment that was designed to withstand the rigors of diving and will last many years, if cared for properly. If you follow the procedures below, (and the recommended annual inspection and maintenance) your Oceanic BC will continue to work like new for many years to come.

You should have the entire BC inspected annually by your local Authorized Oceanic Dealer to ensure it is operating properly and that no components are showing signs of wear.


This is the single most important thing you can do to keep your BC in top condition. Follow these procedures, in sequence, after each day of diving:

bulletInflate the BC half full.
bulletFill the BC one third full with clean fresh water through the oral inflation mouthpiece.
bulletInflate fully then rotate and shake, ensuring a complete internal rinse.
bulletHold upside down, and completely drain the water out through the mouthpiece.
bulletRinse the outside of the BC with fresh water.
bulletStore partially inflated out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.
bulletPeriodically add BC disinfectant (available in dive stores) to rinse water to kill any bacterial growth.

Transport your BC in a padded carrying case or equipment bag separated from sharp items (i.e. dive knife, spear gun, etc.) that might puncture the bladder. You should also protect the Alliance Inflator System from damage from heavy objects (i.e. dive light, first stage, etc.).